Why was ModelNFT.org created?

NFTs are unlike anything the world has seen regarding the collision of media, utility, fan participation and brand building. 

ModelNFT.org was created because the NFT ecosystem needs a licensing system that goes beyond the commonly used off the shelf media licenses today. Sales or transfers of NFTs should be cryptographically verified as a requirement of the governing license. An NFT license needs to clearly delineate what rights are being conveyed from a Creator to a purchaser of an NFT. 

How do I use the ModelNFT.org licenses? 

Creators need to determine what type of license works best for their NFT project. (i.e., personal use….. the owner of the NFT can make a personal print or use the creative work for personal use only. The owner of the NFT cannot use the creative work to sell a service or promote a business, etc. with a personal use license. Commercial use….the owner of the NFT can use the creative work to sell goods for profit, brand a business, promote a website service, etc.) If you are unsure what type of rights you want to convey, please do some research, and talk with a lawyer. 

Why do the ModelNFT.org licenses include liability caps, governing law and venue provisions that need to be completed? 

NFTs are an entirely different animal in terms of utility, experiences, communities, and financial upside that are being utilized by creators. We have barely scratched the surface of where the NFT space is headed, but creators need the ability to enforce their NFT licenses and manage overall risk. Limiting a creator’s liability, controlling where the License is interpreted and providing a venue that is convenient and cost effective are table stakes in a licensing regime for the level of utility NFTs can provide.  Important: Please consult with a lawyer or law firm as interpretation, enforcement, and validity of the ModelNFT.org licenses will vary among jurisdictions. 

Does ModelNFT.org charge money for creators to use its licenses?

No. The licenses on this site are free to utilize and always will be. 

What is the roadmap for ModelNFT.org?

We would like to build out ModelNFT.org to allow for more licenses, language translations and host NFT events. Ultimately, the goal is to turn this entire project over to the NFT community. If you have any interest in working on the ModelNFT.org project, please reach out to us. 

Who is behind the ModelNFT.org project? 

This project was conceived and developed by a GC in the tech space that also invests and advises on Web3 projects. Outside of technology, the founder of ModelNFT.org loves art, oysters, surfing, history and running. The idea for this project started after the founder purchased his first NFT in January 2021 and fell in love with the space. Let us know if you have any questions.