Why was ModelNFT.org created?

NFTs are unlike anything the world has seen regarding the collision of media, art, fan participation, utility, and brand building.

This project started as a guide for creators, artists, brand builders and communities to utilize as a tool to help assemble a coherent, well drafted, easily modifiable, and easy to understand licensing agreement.

Far too many creators, builders and artists are hand waving the license they use to protect their creative work, themselves, and their communities.


How do I use the ModelNFT.org licenses? 

Creators, artists, and builders need to determine what type of rights they want to convey to the owners of their NFTs. Do you want the owner of an NFT selling hoodies or promoting a business with your creative work, painting, or photograph on it? If not, you probably want to grant a personal use license and have control over the creative work associated with the NFT. If your goal is to try and build a community that can use your creative work to promote businesses, sign licensing deals and generate hype around your project, you are going to veer towards the commercial & derivative use license. Before making any decisions, you should do your own research, explore the NFT projects that currently exist, and most importantly, please seek legal advice.

What do you think about using a CCO license?

It’s clear the NFT pfp style communities have segmented into a commercial use license community or a CCO project (at least the successful projects for the most part). CCO projects in the NFT space are important and ModelNFT.org loves the CrypToadz. We also love the Mfers. We also vacay from time to time on Gooch Island but that’s a different story altogether and not CCO project related. CCO can provide incredible meme ability and Punk6529’s refrain of “seize the memes of production” is spot-on. However, seizing the memes of production is a two-way street and it’s only a matter of when, not if, a person, group, or movement that is based on hate & exclusion uses a CCO project to promote its cause & community.

Does ModelNFT.org charge money for its licenses?

No. The licenses are free to utilize. Please modify, rework, and use as you see fit. We recommend consulting with a lawyer regarding questions and modifications.

Why do the ModelNFT.org licenses include liability caps, governing law and venue provisions that need to be completed?

We are witnessing multibillion-dollar businesses and communities rise from the creation of programmable blockchains. The NFT space has not even scratched the surface of what the future holds. If the goal is to have new businesses built on the foundations of NFTs, the license that governs the NFT is the foundation or starting point. We believe NFT projects are doing a disservice by providing licenses that are silent on these provisions. Yes, there is nothing “super shadowy” or “web3 cool” thinking about future disputes, controlling costs, and limiting liability, but we will see more and more litigation in this space as users, revenue and profits grow.

Who is behind the ModelNFT.org project?

This project was conceived and developed by an active GC, Investor & advisor in the tech space that started working in tech in during the .com days through web2 and now web3. Outside of technology, the creator of ModelNFT.org loves, art, music, oysters, surfing, reading, history and running. The creator of ModelNFT.org also loves his family and friends. The idea for this project started after brain damage begin setting in from reading so many poorly drafted licenses.